Why Plesk?

We are often asked why we have standardised around Plesk on our servers. Quite simply this is the most flexible and non-intrusive web gui we found.  Essentially Plesk is little more than a software installer and script to generate vhosts files for nginx / apache.  Outside of this the OS is free to run additional apps / services without interference as if Plesk were not even there. A gui give stores owners some insights and an over view of what is is deployed on the server without needing to understand anything technical.  Plesk is extremely flexible and allows multiple php version and web server configurations on a per domain basis. You can have your legacy app running php 5.6 and apache along side your wordpress site running php.73 on nginx only.  

From a support point of view it also means that we can expect sites to be laid out in a particular manner and backup everything accordingly. This save a huge amount of time when you raise tickets as we know exactly where everything will be.